Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Turkey's Largest Disability-Friendly Life Center in Konya

Turkey's Largest Disability-Friendly Life Center in Konya

The construction of Turkey's largest and Konya's first Disability-Friendly Life Center, implemented by the Karatay Municipality, is nearing completion.

Karatay Mayor Hasan Kılca conducted inspections at the center, which is aimed to be put into service in the near future.

Mayor Hasan Kılca stated, "We continue to build special and new facilities in Karatay. Our disabled individuals will receive education and spend a pleasant time at our Disability-Friendly Life Center. The families of disabled citizens will also be able to dedicate much more time to themselves."

As part of the project, which cost a total of 190 million Turkish Lira, the following facilities are included:

  • Library, Painting and Visual Arts Workshop
  • Science Workshop
  • Indoor Sports Hall
  • Pastry and Cooking Workshop
  • Ceramic and Clay Workshop
  • Computer Workshop
  • Music Workshop
  • Printing and Press Workshop
  • Handicrafts Workshop
  • Recycling Workshop
  • Dance Workshop
  • Drama Workshop
  • Conference Hall
  • Speech Impairment Education Center
  • Special Learning Difficulties Education Center
  • Visually Impaired Education Center
  • Hearing Impaired Education Center
  • Physiotherapy Room
  • Intellectual Disability Education Center
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Education Center
  • Psychiatry and Social Services Center
  • Activity Halls
  • Rest and Sleep Rooms
  • Sensory Integration Room
  • Observation Room
  • Emotional Relaxation Room
  • Practice House