Friday, 24 May 2024
241,508 Visitors at Konya Agriculture Fair

241,508 Visitors at Konya Agriculture Fair

The 20th Konya Agricultural Fair, held at Konya Chamber of Commerce International Fair Center, has been completed. 454 companies participated in the fair, which was held in a total exhibition area of 100 thousand square meters. Konya Agricultural Fair hosted 241 thousand 508 visitors from 96 countries and 81 provinces of Turkey.

“It hosted 241 thousand 508 visitors”

Konya Chamber of Commerce President Selçuk Öztürk stated that “the Konya Agricultural Fair was extremely productive in terms of providing vitality in domestic and foreign demand with the trade carried out at the fair centre for five days and contributing to the Konya economy. We successfully completed the 20th Konya Agricultural Fair, which is Turkey’s largest and one of the world’s leading agricultural fairs, at the Konya Chamber of Commerce International Fair Centre. Konya Agricultural Fair, which we see as the gateway of our city and country’s agricultural sector to the world, has fulfilled this feature this year as well. We were also pleased to see that the company representatives and visitors who attended our fair, which was held in a festive atmosphere, left the fair happily. The fair, which was officially opened with the participation of Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı and valuable members of Konya protocol, hosted 241,508 visitors from 81 provinces of our country and 96 different countries. With visitors from five continents of the world, our fair provided the opportunity for 454 companies participating from 22 countries to increase their trade. Hot sales and business connections established during the fair ensured the vitality of domestic and foreign demand in the sector. In addition, the companies participating in the fair had the opportunity to trade directly with the foreign purchasing delegations that visited the fair, thanks to the organization of our chamber. The fair will make a great contribution to the exports of our agricultural machinery sector. This fair is also a platform where technological and digital transformation in agricultural machinery production is exhibited. It plays an important role in realizing the transformation by showing the innovations and changes in the sector. “The transformation of the production structure of the agricultural machinery sector will provide an advantage to our manufacturers in competition with the world.”

“Konya Agriculture Fair was extremely productive this year too”

Chairman Öztürk stated that “The Konya Agricultural Fair has hosted more than 3.5 million people and more than 7 thousand companies, including this year’s visitors, since the first fair it organized. Konya Agricultural Fair is the only event in Konya that attracts more than 240 thousand visitors from foreign countries and all 81 provinces when it is held during the year. All plane and train flights were full. Turkish Airlines organized additional flights to meet passenger demand for the fair. In addition, all the hotels in our city have reached full occupancy. The agricultural fair has a great contribution to the economic growth that our services sector has reached throughout the year. When we evaluate it from these perspectives, we see that the Konya Agricultural Fair was extremely productive this year as well.”