Saturday, 20 July 2024
A female food technician in Konya has started to work as a livestock breeder with state support!

A female food technician in Konya has started to work as a livestock breeder with state support!

Food technician Hatice Atak, who established a farm in Ereğli district of Konya by benefiting from the ‘Expert Hands Project’ of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, is engaged in livestock breeding with the support of her husband and children.

43-year-old Atak, who worked as a food technician in dairy products factories after graduating from Celal Bayar University Saruhanlı Vocational School Food Technologies Department, had to take a break from her business life due to the Covid-19 epidemic and risky pregnancy while working as a nutrition consultant in an international company.

Atak, a mother of two children who spent time at home for about 4 years, started researching the “Expert Hands Project” of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry with the advice of her family and friends.

Atak, whose application was approved, has become the owner of the farm with 55 sheep, which she started with 20 sheep and a ram in October last year, after 15 years of 

private sector experience.

“They are all like our children” 

Hatice Atak stated that she and her husband loved natural life and that they took care of natural nutrition before the epidemic.

Stating that they always had a dream of establishing a farm in their minds, Atak explained that they took action after being impressed by the farm established by a family friend. 

Atak stated that “she received a grant of 250 thousand liras for the farm through the state’s project. “I breed De France sheep. I love animals very much, but taking care of them was not for me, until my sheep arrived. I used to say ‘I couldn’t do it, but now I am involved in their birth process. We feed them with a bottle in our arms. We also take care of our lambs. We feed them in the morning and do their general care in the evening. If they are sick, I give them their eye drops. “We feel sorry. They are all like our own children.”