Monday, 28 November 2022
First Harvest in Konya in Lay's Regenerative Agriculture Project

First Harvest in Konya in Lay's Regenerative Agriculture Project

PepsiCo, one of the largest agricultural enterprises in the world, continues to contribute to the formation of a sustainable food system with its efforts in line with the PepsiCo Positive (Pep+) strategy.

In this context, Lay's Regenerative Agriculture project, which was implemented in Konya with the support of PepsiCo Foundation, one of the most popular food brands of PepsiCo, Lay's and Anadolu Meraları, the first potato harvest was made while the harvest started recently.

Within the scope of the project, agricultural products such as potatoes, beets, sunflowers and corn, which are among the basic inputs of PepsiCo products; It was grown using regenerative agricultural practices such as green manure, compost extract, closed irrigation system, integrated control methods, and pollinator support.

PepsiCo aims to reduce more than 3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions as a result of these practices, while spreading the regenerative agricultural practices that it has implemented globally in the field of Positive Agriculture to an area of ​​28.3 million acres, almost equal to the entire agricultural footprint of the company.