Monday, 20 March 2023
Growing Beekeeping Industry in Bozkır, Konya

Growing Beekeeping Industry in Bozkır, Konya

Konya's Bozkır district has experienced a significant surge in beekeeping in recent years, with the region's flora attracting travelling beekeepers from all over. Bozkır is home to approximately 14,500 beehives, making up one-fourth of Konya's total. To support this growing industry, the district office has provided beekeeping courses to over 300 beekeepers and offers various support procedures. With a yearly production of 169,000 kg of honey and 3,800 kg of beeswax, Bozkır's beekeeping industry continues to thrive.


Approximately one-fourth of the beehives in Konya, which is about 14,500 beehives, are located in Bozkır district. Our district has a capacity to accommodate 34,360 beehives, and there has been a 300% increase in the number of beekeepers who come from outside the district to stay here in the last 5 years.


The presence of thyme, heather, and phlomis lycica types of plants, as well as important honey plants such as sage, broom, and viper's bugloss in the flora of the Bozkır region, has made the area a popular choice for travelling beekeepers. About 200 people in our district make their living from beekeeping, and two people also produce queen bees. Our district, which produces an average of 169,000 kg (169 tons) of honey and 3,800 kg (3.8 tons) of beeswax annually, has 21 honey packaging facilities.


Our district office has provided 10 separate beekeeping courses to beekeepers to date, and has distributed certificates related to these trainings to a total of 326 beekeepers.


At our district office, beekeepers are shown accommodation options, support procedures are carried out, and samples are sent to the Konya Veterinary Control and Research Institute when necessary regarding diseases and pests. Information is also provided on material and equipment purchases.