Thursday, 23 March 2023
Konya's Significant Role in Carrot Production and Exportation

Konya's Significant Role in Carrot Production and Exportation

Konya takes first place in terms of carrot production in Turkey, followed by Hatay and then Ankara.

Carrots have an important place in Konya's wide product range. Farmers in Konya, who produce for export in the summer and for the domestic market in the winter, are among the top in the market share with an annual production of 450,000 tons. The warehouses where the carrots are sorted and packaged also provide employment for dozens of people. 47% of the 38,873 square kilometers of Konya plain is used as agricultural land. In the Kaşınhanı neighborhood of Meram district, farmers grow carrots on 80,000 hectares.

 Some of the carrots harvested in stages during the summer are exported and some are transported to warehouses. During the winter, the carrots stored in the warehouses are transported to factories where they are packaged. Thanks to healthy storage, 450,000 tons of the 650,000 tons of carrot production in Turkey every year is covered from the neighborhood.

 Recep Pullu, a company official who says they export 5,000 tons of carrots a year to different countries, said, "We leave the muddy carrots we bring from the fields and transport from the warehouses in the winter in pools, then we package them cleanly. We have production between 4,000 and 5,000 tons a year. We send them to all regions of Turkey and abroad, including Arab countries, Georgia, Romania, Greece, and Bulgaria. We cover 65% of Turkey. We have carrot packaging for 12 months. We start harvesting from the fields from June 15th. We store for the winter months. We get the carrots from the warehouses on cold winter days. After it runs out in the warehouse, it is time to harvest again from the field and we will harvest."