Thursday, 07 December 2023

16th Beyşehir Lake Festival Commences

In Konya Beyşehir, the 16th Beyşehir Lake Festival, which was organized this year, started with a parade march. As part of the event, the famous artist Ismail Altunsaray gave the people of Beyşehir an unforgettable night.


The Beyşehir Lake Festival, which has been made into a tradition in the district of Beyşehir, Konya, started its 16th edition this year.


As part of the event, a parade march was held. The march was attended by Beyşehir District Governor Mehmet Kemal Akpınar, Beyşehir Mayor Adil Bayındır, local political party representatives, representatives from civil society organizations, government officials, athletes, and citizens.


The march, accompanied by performances from the Beyşehir Municipality janissary band, concluded at the festival square.


In the evening, the famous artist Ismail Altunsaray met with his fans at the event area set up by the shores of Beyşehir Lake. Altunsaray provided his adoring fans, who filled the square, with an unforgettable night of entertainment.


After the concert, Beyşehir Mayor Adil Bayındır presented Ismail Altunsaray with a rifle produced in Huğlu, the tax record-holder neighborhood of Beyşehir, as a gift.


During the 3-day event, famous artists will take the stage. Yesterday (July 29, 2023, Saturday), Tuğçe Kandemir performed, and on the final day of the festival (July 30, 2023, Sunday), Serkan Kaya will be performing.