Thursday, 07 December 2023

Another art and culture event in Konya; Adile Baysal Culture and Art House

Reflecting the traditional architecture of Seydişehir, the culture and art house serves to transfer the historical and cultural heritage to future generations and to introduce the traditional culture to the guests. Cultural and artistic works such as local folk clothes, ornaments, clog samples, handicrafts of Seydişehir housewives, local carpets, rugs and looms, Ottoman era bows, Ottoman sherbet cauldrons, knots, cauldrons, shelves, old weapons and household goods are exhibited.

Adile Baysal Culture and Art House, which adds mobility to the cultural life of Seydişehir with its photography and painting exhibitions organized at different times, introduces the old Seydişehir to new generations.

In the Culture and Art House, there is a restaurant and cafeteria belonging to Seydişehir Municipality. The food, drinks and service are of good quality and the prices are very reasonable.