Friday, 24 May 2024

Barsisa Meets the Audience

The first performance of the theatrical play "Barsisa", written by Tolga Ozenç Ozençel based on a story told by Mevlana and directed by Hakkı Kuş, was staged at the City Theater, and it received great interest from theater lovers in Konya.

The highly anticipated play of Barsisa, supervised by master artist Hakkı Kuş, met its audience in Konya.

In the dramatic play, which progresses with commentaries from Mevlana, the struggle of a character who has dedicated himself to humanity and healing their ailments against the devil is depicted. "Barsisa" offers a striking story with its profound logic, audio-visual diversity, and artistic and aesthetic richness, and it received full marks from the audience.

Taner Köse, Ekrem Tünge Denizmen, Zeynep Çimenciler, Orhun Üstüner, Burak Öztürk, Ahmet Çakır, Emrah Girgin, Eyüp Toru, Hazal Üstüner, Ufuk Şen, Uğur Tolga Erikon, Raşit Koçer, Serhan Dönmez, Seyfullah Gönen, Kazım Dedemevi and Şenol Birinci came together in the rich cast of Barsisa.