Friday, 14 June 2024

Çatalhöyük Historical Artifacts to be Showcased on a Digital Platform

A platform will be created where all the historical artifacts in Çatalhöyük will be digitally transferred and made accessible for everyone to see.



Konya Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to make a historic decision regarding the historical artifacts in Çatalhöyük. This matter was discussed in the Council Agenda on June 12, 2023.



It has been decided to discuss the proposal regarding the restoration and conservation processes, aiming to use the digital and printed images of the artifacts excavated from Çatalhöyük in the museums and promotional centers of Konya Municipality. The proposal includes the collaboration, either jointly or separately, between our Municipality, the Directorate of Anatolian Civilizations Museum, the Directorate of Ankara Restoration and Conservation Regional Laboratory, the Çatalhöyük Excavation Directorate, and, if necessary, other official institutions. The purpose of these collaborations is to establish protocols for the restoration and conservation of the artifacts, as well as grant authorization to the Office of the Presidency for the signing and execution of the protocols.



Çatalhöyük, located in the Konya province of Turkey, is known as a Neolithic settlement with significant archaeological remains. Çatalhöyük is dated approximately between 7500-5700 BCE. Therefore, it is one of the oldest and most complex Neolithic settlements. The settlement area offers a great wealth of information for archaeologists and provides important insights into the Neolithic period.



In addition, the findings at Çatalhöyük indicate that religious and ritual practices were actively conducted. Some of the rooms within the houses are considered spaces where ceremonies took place. Religious practices such as funeral ceremonies and communal rituals provide archaeologists with a significant means to understand belief systems and social organization during those periods.