Thursday, 23 May 2024

Digital Discovery Begins in Konya

In cooperation with Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Konya Chamber of Commerce Karatay University and Konya Science Center, a Digital Art Exhibition themed "Digital Discovery: Digital Age, Digital World, Change and Preparing for the Future" will be held.

Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University, which presents digital to young people in different aspects with the projects it has realized with Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which always offers the role of modern technologies to the service of its citizens, will offer a different experience of digital to young people with the "Digital Discovery" exhibition to be held at Konya Science Center. The exhibition, where artificial intelligence will be considered as both a tool and a philosophical concept, will host the combination of digital and art. World-famous artists, whose works are exhibited on international platforms, will present their works to art lovers at Konya Science Center this time. Organization; Panels, interviews and workshops where technology and art are combined and digital experience workshops will be discussed in all dimensions.

"Digital Discovery" Will Bring a Different Dimension to Digital Art Within the scope of the digital exhibition, different events and presentations on specific topics will be organized where the fields of engineering, law, design and social sciences are interpreted digitally. The "Digital Discovery" Digital Art Exhibition, where digital will meet art and the possibilities and limits of digital art will be discussed and discussed, will go beyond traditional lines and arouse curiosity and excitement in art lovers. The "Digital Discovery" Digital Art Exhibition, which will bring a different dimension to the perspectives of Konya art lovers on art, digital and technology, can be visited until February 12.