Thursday, 07 December 2023

Karatay the center of culture and art

Karatay Municipality has left its mark on 2022 as it has done so far, with works that will set an example for cultural municipal services. It carried out successful works with the aim of highlighting the history, civilization, culture and artistic identity of the district. Karatay Mayor Hasan Kılca said that “they are making efforts to make Karatay the center of culture and art, and that 2022 was a very productive year in line with these goals.

Great Interest for Poetry Festival and Minstrel Day

Karatay Municipality organized many events and organizations in order to contribute to the cultural and artistic life of the district. In this context, the 12th Mevlana Poetry Festival, which is among the most important cultural and artistic events in Konya, was organized with the cooperation of Karatay Municipality and the Turkish Writers Union (TYB) Konya Branch. Poets and art lovers from all over the world came together in the program held at the Mevlana Museum Rose Garden Semah Area. Poets participating in the feast; shared his works with art lovers. “Konya Minstrels’ Day” was hosted by Karatay Municipality this year, as in previous years. The 56th Minstrels’ Day, which received full marks from the people of Konya, was held with the theme of “Loyalty to Âşık Veysel” with the participation of 37 minstrels and folk poets from 4 countries and 24 cities.

A Music Feast with Concerts

Karatay Municipality also offered enjoyable moments to art lovers with its concert programs. The Turkish Folk Music Concert called “Aşina”, organized in cooperation with Karatay Municipality and Necmettin Erbakan University, was held with the high interest of the citizens. A giant staff of 76 academics and students presented a musical feast to the people of Konya by playing and singing beautiful songs from all over Anatolia. With the 40 Ney Concert, works such as Hicaz Hümayun Peşrev, Beyati Ayini 4th Selam, Uşşak Saz Semai, Uşşak Hymn and Niyaz Hymn came to life with the breaths of neyzens. Sedat Anar, which brings together traditional religious music and Anatolian music, and the compositions he composed from the poems of many important personalities such as Mevlana, Yunus Emre and Muhammed Nasuhi, met with the people of Konya with the “Hymns, Breaths and Sayings” concert.


In addition to all these programs, Karatay Municipality stood by the Karatay people with many activities such as seminars where Family-Educator meetings were held, Mawlid Al-Nabi programs, City and Civilization Workshop, Photo Contest called My Frame, Islamic Solidarity Games Konya Photography Contest, book distribution to schools in the district, and organizations for women. In line with Karatay’s cultural vision and goals, the Municipality will host many projects, events and activities, as well as culture and art programs in 2023.


Mayor Hasan Kılca stated that “We work in order to make Karatay the center of culture and art. In line with these targets, the year 2022 was quite productive. Cultural services will continue to increase in 2023. While we prepare our district for the future with our physical investments, on the other hand, we make the social lives of all our citizens, at any ages, richer and higher quality, with our services such as social, artistic, cultural, sports and education. We brought a breath of fresh air to the cultural and artistic life of our district with our Poetry Feasts, Minstrels’ Day, books we brought to the publication life, concerts and many other events. We carry out all these programs so that our citizens can live in Karatay with pleasure and happiness. We plan our activities with a richness and diversity suitable for people of all ages and lifestyle. We organize special events worthy of our city. We will continue to increase our cultural activities, to be together with our citizens with our new and different projects, to live and share the beauties of Karatay together. We take great pleasure in serving Karatay. In 2023, we will continue to work in order to turn Karatay into a district that produces culture.