Thursday, 07 December 2023

Konya City Theater Actors Revive the Spirit of the Seljuk Era

The actors of Konya Metropolitan Municipality City Theater added color to the 952nd anniversary events of the Battle of Malazgirt held in the Ahlat district of Bitlis with the costumes reflecting the Seljuk period and the war tools they used.


Theater actors who participated in the events held in the national garden where Sultan Alparslan's tent was also set up, tried to reflect the spirit of the Seljuk era with their costumes and war tools.


The actors, by staging a theatrical play in front of the Han Tent, provided the audience with both emotional and entertaining moments, evoking feelings of both sentiment and joy. Their attire also drew the attention of the citizens as they became a focal point of interest.


Citizens who watched the theatrical play then attempted to take photographs with the costumed actors.


Emrah Girgin, an actor from the Konya Metropolitan Municipality City Theater, stated that they have been participating in events in Ahlat and Malazgirt for 5 years.


Girgin explained that they are trying to convey the spirit of the Seljuk era to the citizens. He said, "We have a small presentation here. We are aiming to introduce the city, convey the essence of the Seljuk period, and share its story with people. Our theater has also reached its 5th year. We are striving to express ourselves in the best way possible here."