Thursday, 07 December 2023

Konya City Theater's Plays Were Watched by 93 thousand 669 Art Lovers in 2022

Konya Metropolitan Municipality City Theater, which met with theater lovers with 157 screenings consisting of adult and children's plays in 2022, was followed by a total of 93 thousand 669 people in the last year.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality City Theater makes a significant contribution to the cultural and artistic life of Konya. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that they continue to appeal to the hearts of art lovers with qualified productions at the City Theater and said, "Our theater plays, in which people from all walks of life from 7 to 70 have achieved social and cultural gains, have been presented to theater lovers with the difference of Konya City Theater for years. Our City Theater, which has managed to be an important part of Konya's culture and art life, has come across its audience with beautiful productions consisting of adult and children's plays in 2022. While the number of plays played during the season reached 157, a total of 93 thousand 669 art lovers followed the theater banquet in the last year. In the new year, our games of the same quality will meet the audience. I would like to thank all our compatriots who filled our halls."

Konya City Theater, which opened its curtains in 2022 with the children's play "Paw Brotherhood" on February 1, followed by Necip Fazıl Kısakürek's "Creating a Man", İskender Pala's "Vali Hanım" and "Nizamülmülk", children's play "Süleyman", Mustafa Uzman's "Korkma (Don’t Be Afraid)" and Taner Büyükarman's "Uluğ Keykubat" staged plays received full marks from theater lovers. In addition, one of the puppet theater plays presented as My Fairy Tale Stage; The City Theater, which screened the plays "The Bird at the Window", "Don't Approach Me", "The House of the Bears" and "Karagöz's Detective" in 2 sessions on Thursdays every week, closed the season with a comedy play called "Truck". Konya City Theater will continue to appear before the audience with different plays in the new season.