Friday, 14 June 2024

Konya's Teen Artists Amaze with Their Works

The unit of Konya Metropolitan Municipality called the High School Civilization Academy, which provides services to high school students, has produced numerous works in the field of visual arts. The students' works were showcased in an exhibition set up in Ecdat Park.


An Art Street Exhibition was held at the Konya Metropolitan Municipality High School Civilization Academies (LIMA).


As part of the LIMA Art Street Exhibition held at the Ancestors' Garden by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the works diligently prepared by students over a year in workshops such as photography, calligraphy, and visual arts received great attention from the people of Konya.


In the exhibition, which featured face painting, sand art, marbling art, calligraphy, and music stations, students and instructors showcased the works they had worked on in the music workshop.


In the idea corner prepared for the visitors attending the exhibition, participants shared their thoughts about LİMA and the exhibition.


Additionally, the students from the visual arts and calligraphy workshops completed their ongoing works prior to the exhibition and presented them to the visitors for their appreciation.