Thursday, 18 July 2024

Konya's Remarkable Museum: Koyunoglu Museum

The Koyunoglu Museum, the first private museum established by municipalities in Turkey, mesmerizes visitors with its vast collection.


The museum holds the distinction of being the first private museum established by municipalities in Turkey. Ahmet Rasih Izzet Koyunoglu donated his collection of ethnographic and folkloric objects, documents and materials, as well as handwritten and printed books to the Municipality of Konya in 1973.


The museum houses a meeting room and two libraries that contain manuscript works. Additionally, there is a building in the garden area designed in the form of an old Konya house, where the museum is also located.


Koyunoglu Museum, which operates under the administration of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, serves as both a museum and a library and stands out with its extensive collection. On the ground floor of the museum, you can find archaeological artifacts related to Anatolian civilizations, coins, calligraphic works, a natural history section, and thematic exhibitions. On the first floor, there are ethnographic artifacts, carpet and kilim collections, as well as a collection of rosaries.


On the first floor of the museum, there is a rich library with a collection of 35,000 volumes, primarily consisting of manuscripts. The museum is open six days a week, from 08:00 to 17:00, except on Sundays.