Thursday, 07 December 2023

Konya's TRT Film Studio Passes First Test, Promises Exciting Period Dramas

TRT Film Studio in Konya, which unveiled a series of films depicting the life of Hz. Mevlana, has passed its first test. The studio sheds light on 13th-century Konya.



The International Film Studio, built in cooperation between TRT General Directorate and Konya Metropolitan Municipality, has been unveiled at the Dutlukır location in Meram District. Serving as the host for the film about Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi, which was shot in Konya and broadcasted on TRT's new digital platform, Tabii, the Konya TRT Film Studio has successfully passed its first test and demonstrated that it will be the star of period dramas.



Within the studio, the Konya of the Seljuk period is depicted. In this context, major landmarks of the city such as the Seljuk Palace, Mevlana's House, Celaliye Madrasa, İplikci Mosque, Kuyumcu Inn and Larende Gate have been constructed using steel structures.



The center, being Turkey's largest and most permanent film studio, is expected to be opened for tourism purposes in the coming days.



Mayor Altay stated that thanks to the studio, visitors coming to Konya will have the opportunity to see and experience the reduced-scale versions of the real structures and social life of 13th-century Konya, the capital of the Seljuk State in Turkey. He further emphasized that this would make a significant contribution to the tourism of the city. He also mentioned that all films made in this studio will serve as a reflection of Konya, our country's history, and our civilization's vision.