Thursday, 13 June 2024

Museum of Stone and Wood Arts (Ince Minaret)

The Madrasah, which is one of the typical examples of Seljuk architecture, was opened to visitors as the "Museum of Stone and Wood Arts". It was built by Vizier Sâhib Atâ Fahreddin Ali in 1258-1279 during the reign of Seljuk Sultan İzzeddin Keykâvus II. Its architect was Keluk b. Abdullah.

It was opened as a museum in 1956 and still exhibits stone and wooden works belonging to the Beylik, Seljuk and Ottoman Periods.

In the museum, construction and repair inscriptions written with carving technique on stone and marble belonging to the Seljuk and Karamanoğlu Periods, high relief reliefs belonging to Konya Castle, door and window wings decorated with geometric and floral motifs made with carving technique on various wooden materials, wooden ceiling core samples and tomb witnesses and chests engraved on marble are exhibited.

The most beautiful examples of the double-headed eagle and winged angel figures, the symbol of the Seljuks whose capital was Konya, are also exhibited in this museum.