Thursday, 18 July 2024

Museums Worth Visiting in Konya

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Osman Aşkın Bak, announced that free "Müzekart GNS" will be provided to all young people aged 18-25. Many museums in Konya already offer free services, but in addition to that, we have researched the museums that can be visited in Konya for young people to have a better understanding of the city. Here are the museums in Konya...

Mevlana Museum

The place where the Mevlana dervish lodge, which is currently used as a museum, is located, was gifted to Mevlana's father, Sultanü'l Ulema Bahaeddin Veled, by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat in the rose garden of the Seljuk Palace. When Sultanü'l Ulema passed away on January 12, 1231, he was buried in the current location. This burial is the first one conducted in the rose garden. After the death of Sultanü'l Ulema, his admirers approached Mevlana and expressed their desire to build a mausoleum over his father's grave, but Mevlana rejected this request. However, when Mevlana passed away on December 7, 1273, Sultan Veled, Mevlana's son, accepted the requests of those who wanted to build a mausoleum over Mevlana's grave. The mausoleum, known as the Green Tomb, was constructed on four thick columns at a cost of 130,000 Seljuk dirhams.

Karatay Madrasa

Karatay Madrasa, which is currently used as the Tile Works Museum, was built in 1251 by Emir Celâleddin Karatay during the reign of Seljuk Sultan II. İzzeddin Keykâvus. The interior of the madrasa is covered with mosaic and tile works.


Konya Panorama Museum

The museum portrays Konya, which served as the capital of the Anatolian Seljuks for approximately two centuries in the 13th century, as a city of knowledge and art.


Ince Minaret Stone and Wood Works Museum

İnce Minaret Madrasa or also known as the Stone and Wood Works Museum is located in the Selçuklu District, in the neighborhood of Beyhekim. It is a closed courtyard, single-iwan, and single-story madrasa. The madrasa gets its name from the minaret located at the northeast corner.


Konya Archaeology Museum

The Konya Archaeology Museum is among the must-visit museums in Konya and the Central Anatolia region due to its collection of historical artifacts.


Konya Ethnography Museum

The building, initially constructed for educational purposes, was opened as the Ethnography Museum in 1975.