Saturday, 20 July 2024

Muslim and Christian Heritage in Sille

Turkey's first and only Time Museum has opened in Konya. The museum exhibits numerous rare artifacts related to the Ottoman and Republic periods concerning time.

Located in the historic Sille neighborhood with a history spanning thousands of years, Turkey's first Time Museum takes visitors on a journey through time with many artifacts related to the concept of time from the Roman period to the Republic era.

As part of its commitment to historical legacy, Selçuklu Municipality completed the restoration of Sille Chapel in 2012 under the theme of honoring history. In the museum established within the chapel, which aims to develop tourism and preserve the cultural heritage, hundreds of timekeeping devices used over centuries from the Ottoman and Republic periods are exhibited.

The museum, reflecting Sille's multicultural and multi-religious structure spanning thousands of years, is located on the cemetery remains in the southwest part of the dam road in Sille.

In this regard, the museum, situated adjacent to and intertwined with Muslim and Christian cemeteries, features notable artifacts such as specially designed clocks from the Ottoman and Republic periods, registers organized by timekeepers and regulated for general use, pocket and desk calendars, and handwritten-printed calendars used in official offices.