Thursday, 07 December 2023

Okan Bayülgen on stage as “Richard” at SKM in June

‘Richard’, written, directed and acted by Okan Bayülgen based on Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, met theater lovers on Saturday, June 17, 2023, 20:30 at Selçuklu Congress Center.

Speaking about the game, Okan Bayülgen stated that “It is like a concert hall, exhibition hall or a social activity space; theater and now an interactive space. This form of show is rising all over the world. Today, our audience is not passive audience, they are not lined up on seats. The audience is an individual. And this individual doesn’t just want to watch anymore, he wants to experience. We are slowly transforming into this, we need to transform.


The theme of the play, which also includes songs performed by Okan Bayülgen accompanied by a live orchestra, is the King of England III. Richard’s bones are found in a parking lot. It will take a long time for the skeleton to be investigated and proven by forensic experts. At that time, a small theater company was rehearsing one of Shakespeare’s most important works Richard III. Things get derailed when someone wanted by the police takes shelter in the theatre. This man, who introduces himself as Richard III and is against the existing order and the existing institutional, ethical and hierarchical structure of art, first takes over the role of Richard and then the director’s chair.