Thursday, 18 July 2024

Rosary Exhibition in Konya

Meram Municipality Tantavi Culture and Art Center opened its doors for the rosary exhibition 'Patience Journey from Habbeden to Imamama'.

The opening of the exhibition, which will include the works of more than 20 artists and will continue until September 25, was attended by rosary masters, collectors muhtars and rosary lovers.

In his speech, Mustafa Genç, who contributed to the preparation of the collector and exhibition, expressed his satisfaction and pride for opening the first exhibition of the art of the rosary, which is of great importance especially in terms of Turkish culture and history. Thanking Meram Mayor Mustafa Ulaş and his team, who prepared the ground for the exhibition that will bring together everyone from the master of this art to their fans, Genç said, "At this point, many people have worked. I would like to express my eternal gratitude to everyone who is with us."

In his statement before the opening of the exhibition, Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavuş stated that Tantavi Culture and Art Center has become the center of art and culture not only in Meram but also in all Konya since the day it was opened, and noted that the exhibition, which was realized with the theme of 'Patience Journey from Habbeden to Imamak', will bring all rosary lovers together for 4 days. Stating that the rosary is a loyal friend for most people as well as one of the most beautiful companions of joy, sadness, thought, contemplation and conversation, President Ulaş continued his words as follows; "The rosary is a friend. In each of them, there is patience, there is gratitude, there is chanting. In each of them there is hope, there is breath, there is love. In each of them there is contemplation, there is conversation, there is friendship. Whether you see the rosary as art, as an accessory, or as a pastime, there is nothing else in the world that can bring together so many different people at the same point, in the same art, in the same taste. You see it in the hands of a head of state, and in the hands of a citizen on the street. It's in the hands of a young man, it's in the hands of an old man. The rosary attracts a rich person and a worker. From this point of view, the rosary is like an ointment that applies a separate treatment to each wound. Like a friend who shares in every joy. It is a masterpiece of art that can appeal to all tastes. Within the framework of all these thoughts, I hope that our exhibition will be instrumental for good and invite all enthusiasts to see this special exhibition. I would also like to thank my brother Mustafa Genç and my brother Fethi Büyükbalta, who have made great efforts at every stage of this beautiful exhibition idea from the first moment until today."

Konya Governor Vahdettin Özkan, who said that he was very happy to see that the exhibition was welcomed with great kindness, included the following opinions in his speech; "Everyone has their own love and affection for the rosary. Everyone told about this temple from their own side. There are such beautiful feelings in people that these feelings are reflected from the art medium. Thanks to this exhibition, we will once again observe the art of the rosary, which is one of these fine arts. I would like to thank Mustafa Genç and Fethi Büyükbaltaya for their efforts in bringing this exhibition to life. I would like to express another thank you to the Mayor of Meram, Mustafa Kavuş, who has always approached art and artists with kindness. Wherever there is art, aesthetics and elegance, President Ulaş is there. For this reason, I would like to thank him not only for this exhibition, but also for the support he has given to art and craftsmen. I congratulate our artists whose works are included in the exhibition and hope that this beautiful climate will always continue in Konya."

After the speeches, the protocol visited the exhibition and received information about the collections. The ceremony ended with a souvenir photo taken to commemorate the day.