Thursday, 07 December 2023

Selçuk University Museum

Selçuk University Museum is located at a leading position in terms of collection richness in Turkey. The museum draws attention with its approximately 2,500 artifacts from different continents and civilizations. In addition to artifacts from Aztec, Inca, Maya, Chinese, and Japanese civilizations, the collection also includes artifacts from various cultures in Africa.


Selçuk University Museum's collection includes artworks from Aztec, Inca, Maya, Chinese, and Japanese civilizations, as well as artifacts carrying traces of various cultures in Africa. Thanks to this diversity, the museum offers visitors an experience where art and culture from different geographical regions come together.


The museum holds a unique position in terms of collection breadth in Turkey. Visitors have the opportunity to explore historical artifacts dating back thousands of years and get a close understanding of the lifestyles, artistic perspectives, and cultural heritage of past civilizations.


Selçuk University Rector, Prof. Dr. Metin Aksoy, emphasized the importance of the museum and highlighted the rich historical and cultural heritage of Anatolia during his speech. He stated that Selçuk University Museum is the result of long and meticulous work and expressed that the museum is a first in Turkey, once again demonstrating the pioneering character of the university.


Selçuk University Museum plays a significant role in preserving and showcasing our cultural heritage. Visitors have the opportunity to trace the traces of past civilizations and discover Turkey's cultural riches through the artifacts housed in the museum. In this regard, Selçuk University Museum stands out as an important institution contributing to our country's cultural heritage.