Thursday, 23 May 2024

Sille Museum Captivates Visitors

The Sille Museum, one of the Selçuklu Municipality's projects dedicated to preserving the historical heritage in Sille, received significant attention from visitors during the summer season. Throughout the summer, the museum, which carries traces of history in each of its sections, hosted both domestic and foreign visitors. With its five-thousand-year-old history shaped by various civilizations, the historical sites of Sille are gaining even more prominence through the restoration efforts of the Selçuklu Municipality. These locations continue to be popular destinations for visitors. Sille Museum, which takes visitors on a historical journey from the past to the present of Sille, contributed to Konya's tourism by hosting 39,617 domestic and foreign visitors. Selçuklu Municipality, aiming to present Sille's rich cultural heritage to visitors through some of the historically restored buildings turned into museums, restored and opened the Sille Museum in 2003 as Sille Cultural House. In this context, the building was revisited in 2016, underwent restoration work, and reopened as Sille Museum in 2017. The museum was constructed using rubble stone material in the style of a traditional Turkish house with inner courtyards, following the architectural principles of Ottoman residential architecture, consisting of two floors built above a basement level. Sille Museum, with its rich collection and successful exhibition project, greatly contributes to visitors gaining more knowledge about Sille and preserving the rich heritage it possesses. It plays a significant role in safeguarding Sille's valuable cultural legacy and ensuring it reaches future generations