Thursday, 23 May 2024

The Artist from Konya Goes Beyond Language Limits with Artistic Performance

Ahmet Osmanlı, a 34-year-old man living in Konya, writes in Turkish, Arabic, English, and Korean on rice grains in his art, which he started 2.5 years ago after being inspired by a news story. He and his wife were inspired by the story of an artist who wrote on rice, and he began his own research to obtain the necessary materials and started writing names on rice grains. As his works gained popularity, he started participating in exhibitions, and is making an effort to further improve his art.

In addition to Turkish, he also writes in Arabic, English and Korean.

Stating that he was happy to be one of the few handicraft masters who wrote on rice in Turkey, Ahmet Osmanlı continued as follows:

"The rice I used to write and throw away. Writing is exciting when you're waiting for a client, but not being able to write is worse. At first, I had troubles, but I did not give up, I improved myself by trying again and again. I have a hard time with some long names in different languages, but I also write in different languages like Arabic, English, Korean. I would love for this art to spread and be known. It is known that came from Anatolia abroad, but unfortunately it is not known much in Turkey. Those who want to start this art should not be afraid to try, they should push their limits. In the future, I want to make different ornaments with rice."