Friday, 01 December 2023

Traditional Felt Art Through the 4th Generation

Girgiç family has been making traditional felt art for three generations in Konya. Fatmagül Girgiç continued her family-in-law's business and prevented this family tradition from ending.

The felt art, which came to Anatolia from Central Asia with the Seljuk Turks and is identified with Konya and Mevlana, is passed down from generation to generation in the Girgiç family. Felt master Fevzi Girgiç inherited this art from his father and grandfather, when Girgiç's children did not continue this tradition, but his daughter-in-law, Fatmagül did.

Fatmagül Girgiç received the title of "traditional handicraftsman" from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism after learning and mastering the art 14 years ago, after her father-in-law passed away. Transforming wool into felt and then into dozens of products, Girgiç built a colorful atmosphere in her workshop. Girgiç makes many kinds of felt products by hand, including coins, haydariye vests, dresses, hats, ornaments and accessories. The fourth generation representative of the felt maker family, 52-year-old Girgiç, said that felt making is a tradition of her family-in-law and she feels very proud and happy to undertake the task of continuing this.