Friday, 01 December 2023
980 Million Lira Investment in Konya Factory

980 Million Lira Investment in Konya Factory

The firm with a flour factory in Konya received an investment of 980 million Turkish liras. The results of the firm's public offering, which also has one flour factory in Konya, have been announced. Within the scope of the decision, the total investment made to the company was 980 million Turkish liras. It is said that the firm will make new investments with the proceeds from the public offering.


Eksun Food, which has a large flour factory in the center of Konya, has facilities throughout Turkey. One of these facilities is the Sinangil flour factory in Konya, which stands out with its significant capacity in flour production. Eksun Food's shares have started trading on the stock exchange. In the public offering of Eksun Food, the total size was realized as 980.1 million Turkish liras, and it was observed that two institutions made purchases of more than 5% in the public offering.


Eksun Food CEO Ahmet Demir had previously stated on Bloomberg HT that 30% of the proceeds from the public offering would go towards investments.


Demir stated, "We want to use the proceeds from the public offering in the best places for competition, efficiency, and superiority. 30% of this revenue will go towards investments, and 70% will be working capital. There will be no sale to partners."