Friday, 14 June 2024

"Agriculture" visit from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Konya

Democratic Republic of the Congo (KDC) Minister of Agriculture Desire Nzinga Brihanze and Minister of Scientific Studies and Technology Development Jose Mpanda Kabangu visited Konya to improve agricultural relations between Turkey and KDC.


Ministers Brihanze and Kabangu met with Asım Şen, owner of Lukas Holland company, which produces agricultural machinery in a hotel in Konya, and company executives.


Speaking to the press here, Minister of Scientific Studies and Technology Development Jose Mpanda Kabangu expressed his pleasure to be in Turkey and said that they wanted to develop agricultural activities between the KDC and Turkey.


Explaining that they follow the technologies used by Turkey in agriculture and that they have contacted Lukas Holland company in this context, Kabangu said, "We wanted to work on the field by examining the advantages and opportunities in person. We are grateful for the warm welcome and hospitality. "We will evaluate all possibilities for its development and continuity. We are open to trades and technologies where both sides experience a win-win situation. We are here to seize opportunities. Together with my colleague, we are open to any work that will be beneficial and beneficial for both countries." he said.

Kabangu stated that they also want to benefit from the seeds of Turkey in order to increase agricultural activities in their country, and said, "Our main goal will be to obtain the necessary seeds from the seed bank, products that can be grown in our country, products such as corn and sunflower, and try to strengthen the agricultural activities in our country with the seeds we receive from the seed bank." used the phrase.


Reminding the crisis between the KDC and Rwanda, Kabangu continued:


"Out of our 9 neighboring countries, only Rwanda abducts our children, abducts our wives, women and kills our people. They have killed more than 100,000 of our people so far. Because they have no underground or aboveground wealth, and the ways they resort to are persecuting our people with armed law enforcement officers. Of course, not because they have such power. We are sure that there are other countries and other powers that they support. We have come to thank the good synergy, energy, and hospitality that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is trying to establish between Turkey and Congo. Based on Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's good relations with Congo, we are here representing the Democratic Republic of Congo and we want to develop these good relations and partnerships."


Minister of Agriculture Desire Nzinga Brihanze said that KDC has an area of ​​more than 2 million square kilometers and they want to expand agriculture in their lands.


Explaining that they want to benefit from an opportunity such as a seed bank, Brihanze said, "Our citizens in our country need to learn what kind of seed they can plant, what kind of seed they can export, what kind of seed they can grow. Seed bank is very important for us here. Because it is something we do not have in Congo. Also, Turkey "We do not have the opportunities you have in Turkey, or some of the opportunities you use in agricultural lands, such as drones. At one point, we are interested in investing in such technologies and ensuring that they are used in our country." he said.


Minister Brihanze stated that the democratic relations between the KDC and Turkey are in good condition and emphasized that they want to further develop the relations.