Monday, 26 February 2024
Büyükeğen: “Konya achieved $3.306 billion in exports to 195 countries last year”

Büyükeğen: “Konya achieved $3.306 billion in exports to 195 countries last year”

Konya Chamber of Industry President Mustafa Büyükeğen stated that, despite all the challenging conditions in the economy, Konya continues its journey of success in production and exports by focusing on the goal of becoming a stronger and more competitive industrial city.

The Konya Chamber of Industry held its first council meeting of the year 2024.

During the first council meeting of 2024 at the Konya Chamber of Industry, President Mustafa Büyükeğen provided information to council members about the chamber's projects, activities planned for 2024, domestic and international trade fair organizations, bilateral business meetings, and sector-specific initiatives.

Büyükeğen, evaluating the economy of the year 2023, emphasized that despite all the challenging conditions, industrialists in Konya continued with investments, production, employment, and exports.

Büyükeğen announced that in the year 2024, they plan to organize business trips with industrialists to fairs in countries such as Germany, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, he mentioned plans to arrange international business forums and bilateral business meetings in countries like Russia, Uzbekistan, Germany, and Kenya.