Saturday, 20 July 2024
Eight Konya Firms Make Top 500 List!

Eight Konya Firms Make Top 500 List!

8 companies from Konya are included in the list of Turkey's 500 Largest Industrial Establishments of 2023, announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

The Istanbul Chamber of Industry has announced the results of the 2023 survey of Turkey's Largest 500 Industrial Enterprises. Eight companies from Konya made it to the list.

The President of the Konya Chamber of Commerce, Selçuk Öztürk, congratulated the companies from Konya that made it to the list of Turkey's Largest 500 Industrial Enterprises.

Öztürk made the following statements: "In the list, Konya Şeker is ranked 52nd, AYD Otomotiv 171st, Eti Alüminyum 209th, Tümosan Motor 240th, Panagro Tarım Hayvancılık 305th, Daxler Enerji 447th, Enka Süt 459th, and Ova Un 463rd. The increase in the number of companies making it to the list compared to last year is gratifying. I congratulate the executives and all employees of our companies who have made us proud by being among the largest in Turkey and thank them for their contributions to our city and country's economy. Our companies from Konya continue to work diligently towards making our city a global production and trade center."