Friday, 08 December 2023
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Exports of "Steel Houses" from Konya to the USA

The hurricanes, which affected the United States and reached 240 kilometers per hour from time to time, caused  flooding, destruction and death in the country, while leaving millions of people without electricity for days and leaving many businesses and homes unusable. This situation opened the door to steel construction house exports from Konya to the USA.

A company producing steel construction structures in Konya has started to sell ready-made, disassembled steel construction villas to this country upon the demand from the city of Houston, which was badly damaged by hurricanes in the US state of Texas.

Mustafa Ceylan, the chairman of the board of directors of the company, said that the life of the steel structure they produce is between 140 and 150 years and that it shows high resistance against severe earthquakes.

Stating that they sent 80 ready-made villas to the USA, Ceylan said that all static calculations including snow load, rain and wind speed were made for all the villas they exported.

Ceylan, emphasizing that many houses were damaged and destroyed during the hurricane process in the USA, said:

"And then there have been recent problems with energy. These houses are much better than concrete houses in terms of heat and sound insulation, durability and lifespan. After hurricanes in the U.S. there was a great turn to these steel structures. In terms of price and competition, Turkey was attractive to them. We have now sent 80 steel houses to America. We will produce and send the rest of it."