Wednesday, 24 July 2024
Farmer Representatives Warn: “food crisis”

Farmer Representatives Warn: “food crisis”

Making statements on behalf of the chairmen of the chamber of agriculture in Konya, Meram Chamber of Agriculture President Murat Yağız pointed out the “drought in Turkey”. He added that “If there is not enough rainfall in the next few months, we are afraid that the agricultural drought will manifest itself and the next step will unfortunately be the food crisis.”

Heads of the center and district chamber of agriculture in Konya held a press conference on the 2020 evaluation and 2021 expectations. Speaking on behalf of the farmers’ representatives at the meeting, the head of the center Meram Chamber of Agriculture, Murat Yağız stated that the farmers continue to produce despite the pandemic.

Pointing out the drought in Turkey Yağız continued as follows:
In the shadow of the pandemic, we somehow closed the year 2020 despite all the difficulties. While the pandemic process continues in the 2021 agricultural season, the global meteorological drought has been added to this negative process. Meteorological drought, which is one of the natural disasters, we fear that if there is not enough rainfall in the next few months, it will manifest itself as an agricultural drought and the next step of this will unfortunately be a food crisis.
In October, when a significant part of the precipitation fell in our country, precipitation fell 50 % below normal in October, while the temperature broke a record.
If the drought continues like this, it may be a decrease in the products that need water as a result of the negative impact of underground and surface waters, and there may be problems in the supply of some products this year.
In this period when the drought is experienced at an extreme level, a seperate title should be opened for water and all the investments related to water should be taken forward.