Thursday, 18 July 2024
From Konya to Florida

From Konya to Florida

It comes out of Konya and is exported to more than 70 countries, especially the USA. Pool salt, which is specially produced from the salt harvested in Salt Lake, where Konya, Ankara and Aksaray intersect, is exported to more than 70 countries, especially the USA.

The swimming pools of many villas in the US state of Florida, famous for its resort cities, especially Miami, are cleaned with special pool salt produced from salt harvested from Salt Lake. Koyuncu Salt Industries produces 1 million 300 thousand tons of raw materials and 400 thousand tons of finished products annually from the 16 square kilometer area of ​​Tuz Gölü and exports to more than 70 countries.
The USA is one of the leading exporting countries. Responding to the needs of 25 industries as a finished product, the company also produces pool cleaning salt for the state of Florida, USA. People in Florida maintain the hygiene of their swimming pools with this product called “pool salt”, which can be found in DIY stores in the state.
Ömer Çetiner, General Manager of Koyuncu Salt Industries stated that “We leave many competitors behind in the world market by converting raw materials into finished products and increase the added value of salt 2-3 times. We are a company that has the ability to produce different products for approximately 25 different sectors, according to the needs of the sector itself. The increase in the number of countries we export to is entirely due to this factor. Florida is one of the vacation destinations of the United States in the south of North America and Miami is the most famous state in Florida. There are many detached houses in Florida and each has a pool in front of it. In order for people to swim safely in their pools, the pool and water must be well disinfected and well chlorinated, and this can be done with very special salts.
We produce in the features, packaging and size that Florida needs, and our salt is the most preferred brand. The washing and drying stages of these salts in production are different. In addition, the purity rate is higher than the others. The salt we extract from Salt Lake is of higher quality than the salt produced in other countries. We do not compromise on quality at the processing stage either, so our salt is very popular in many countries. We have reached a very big market share in the last 5 years and we have annual sales of 20.000 tons of salt to Florida. Many DIY stores in the state have our salt in our packages. The use of pool salts also varies according to the size of the pools, these salts are used as sprinkles in some pools, while in others they are used by placing them in the reservoir.