Saturday, 02 December 2023
High Savings Are Achieved with Renewable Energy

High Savings Are Achieved with Renewable Energy

Konya Metropolitan Municipality KOSKİ General Directorate made a profit with the photovoltaic system it established in order to minimize the electricity consumption consumed by the water wells in the neighborhoods within its area of responsibility.

The photovoltaic system, which converts solar energy into electrical energy thanks to solar energy panels and thus enables the well pumps to work, amortized the cost it created within 5 years. The photovoltaic system, which cost a total of 4.6 million liras and has a service life of 30 years, earned the General Directorate of KOSKİ 1 million 500 thousand liras only in 2022.

The photovoltaic system also saves KOSKİ the expense of building energy transmission lines, the cost of which is 15 million liras on average. While minimizing electricity expenditures, the system, which also saves a great deal of electricity, also eliminates a major deficiency in areas where energy transmission lines are far from wells. Konya Metropolitan Municipality KOSKİ General Directorate, which has installed a total of 530 kilowatt solar energy system with various powers at 30 different points, continues to supply security cameras, SCADA, communication and chlorination system energies from the photovoltaic system in the warehouses.

The system, which uses solar energy, produces uninterrupted water with the illumination of the sky. The system, which is disabled by the darkening of the air, can continue to produce water with well network electricity in case the region needs water.