Saturday, 02 December 2023
Kayahan Hidrolik applies NFT in industry

Kayahan Hidrolik applies NFT in industry

Kayahan Hidrolik, which produces industrial hydraulic cylinders from 3 meters in diameter to 23 meters in length, carried its technical drawings to Non Fungible Token (NFT). By this way, industrial products have become NFT after works of art. Sevda Kayhan Yılmaz, Chairman of the Board of Kayahan Hydraulic stated that "NFTs represent a unique digital item that has been produced only one. The name of this digital item, a unit of data in the digital ledger called block chain, is NFT.

They can represent art, sound, video, items in video games, and other forms of creative work. For example, a picture drawn on the computer can be copied infinitely.  It is very difficult to determine who owns the original and ownership right. Whereas, the NFTs representing the above digital files can be tracked on a blockchain basis and provide proof of ownership.”

Prevents copying

Yılmaz pointed out that “It prevents the copying of the drawn picture by creating the NFT of the technical drawings. We do the engineering and designs of the hydraulic cylinders we produce. Then, we send the technical drawings to our customer's approval. After approval, we start production. Some companies, among which there are very big ones, invite companies that do not even employ engineers in their subsequent purchases to have our designed cylinders to be produced after we had the first production made by us. They produce via the pictures we calculate and design. This is an attack on intellectual property rights. You can also register your intellectual property rights in your name at the Turkish Patent Institute (TPI). Why NFT instead of this? While preparing a digital twin of a drawing can be measured in minutes, the process is very long and costly when you go to TPI.” Talking about the block chain, Yılmaz uttered that “These technologies will facilitate, democratize and enrich our lives. In fact, keeping logs on the blockchain is much more secure than the current recording system. Kayahan is a company where women are active at the top level and because these women are closely related to the crypto world, we became a corporate member of the Istanbul BlockchainWomen Association.”

We thought on 4th April

Mentioning about their first NFTs, Sevda Kayhan Yılmaz stated that “We thought of the idea of ​​protecting the designs of the hydraulic cylinders we produce by creating NFT on the birthday of our founder, Mehmet Kayhan, on April 4. For this reason, with the project code 04042021; we have prepared the NFT of the technical drawing of the hydraulic press cylinder of 3,000 tons produced by Kayahan for Hidromode company. The owner of this NFT is Hidromode Co. and Kayahan Co. We present it to the founders of these companies Mr. Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of Industry, and Mehmet Kayhan.”