Saturday, 02 December 2023
Konya-Based Industrialists Shift Focus to the Russian Market

Konya-Based Industrialists Shift Focus to the Russian Market

A technical business trip was organized by the Konya Chamber of Industry (KSO) to the MIMS Auto Spare Parts Fair, which took place in Moscow, the capital of Russia. MIMS is considered one of the most important fairs in the automotive sector.



The Konya Chamber of Industry (KSO) organized the participation of industrialists from Konya in the fair. While attending, these Konya-based industrialists closely examined the latest developments in the sector and also conducted bilateral business meetings.



Mustafa Büyükeğen, the President of the Konya Chamber of Industry, who provided assessments regarding the fair, stated that the fair was very productive for industrialists from Konya.



Büyükeğen emphasized that despite the conflict, Russia remains one of the world's most significant export markets. He mentioned that the bilateral business meetings conducted by Konya-based industrialists at the MIMS Auto Spare Parts Fair would lead to new collaborations and positively impact Konya's exports.



President Büyükeğen stated that Russia holds the top position in Konya's exports, saying, "Russia is one of the most important export markets for both Konya and Turkey. In Konya's case, we conducted exports worth $230,873,000 to Russia throughout the past year. Russia, which was in the third place in our exports last year, now holds the first place in our exports for the first 7 months of this year."