Saturday, 02 December 2023
Konya has the largest farming area

Konya has the largest farming area

According to the recent TÜİK (short for Turkish Statistical Institute) data, the cities which have the largest farming areas in Turkey are Konya, Ankara and Şanlıurfa.

With its 19 million 106 thousand 386 decares farming area, Konya owns %8 of farming areas in Turkey. In % 96,9 of these areas, cereals and other crops are cultivated. Every year, more than 5,5 million decares of cereal areas are being fallowed.
Konya’s farming area is nearly as large as Israel’s land (20 million 330 thousand decares)
Cereals in Konya, vegetables in Antalya, fruit in Ordu
When we have a look at the products, Konya has the largest cultivation area for cereals and other crops. Antalya has the largest area for vegetables (479 thousand decares), Ordu has the largest area for fruit, drinks and medicinal plants (2 million 277 thousand 326 decares) and İzmir has the largest area for ornamental plants (13 thousand 899 decares).