Monday, 26 February 2024
Konya Metropolitan Municipality Produces 68.8 Million Kilowatts of Electricity from Methane Gas in One Year

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Produces 68.8 Million Kilowatts of Electricity from Methane Gas in One Year

The Konya Metropolitan Municipality, known for its environmentally friendly projects, continues to effectively address its energy needs while actively combating global climate change for a sustainable environment.

Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay emphasized the significance of global climate change as one of the foremost threats to the environment. He stated that the Municipality is actively engaged in significant initiatives on both national and international platforms to address this issue.

Highlighting the concept of "Konya Model Municipality" with an environmentally friendly approach, Mayor Altay emphasized that they have implemented exemplary projects in Turkey related to eco-friendly investments, nature conservation, and the use of renewable energy sources. He mentioned that one of their initiatives in this regard includes the generation of electricity from methane gas.

Altay stated the following:

"At the Konya Solid Waste Landfill Site, as well as in the solid waste landfill sites in Cihanbeyli, Ereğli, and Akşehir, and at the Aslım Solid Waste Site, which was closed to garbage intake after rehabilitation, and during the formation of sludge obtained from the processing of wastewater by our KOSKİ General Directorate, we convert the methane gas released into electricity. With our environmentally friendly projects, we not only support the energy needs but also contribute to the fight against climate change. In our facilities, we produced 68,818,974 kilowatt-hours of electricity from methane gas in 2023. The total electricity produced from methane gas in our facilities has exceeded 719,541,960 kilowatt-hours to date. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to contribute to our economy while preserving our environment."

President Altay also mentioned the presence of a Medical Waste Sterilization Facility at the Konya Solid Waste Landfill and Energy Production Facility. He explained that they collect medical waste with four licensed vehicles and perform the sterilization process with two sterilizers. The daily capacity of the two sterilizers is a total of 10 tons. Altay stated, "The annual amount of waste we sterilize in this facility is over 3,000 tons."