Friday, 01 December 2023
Konya Reservoir Project: 57 Million Turkish Lira Boost to National Economy

Konya Reservoir Project: 57 Million Turkish Lira Boost to National Economy

The reservoir built in Konya will contribute 57 million Turkish Lira to the country's economy. The teams of the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry continue their work.

DSİ General Director Mehmet Akif Balta, as stated in a written statement from DSİ, reported that the work is ongoing at the Konya Taşkent Afşar Reservoir.

Balta emphasized that they are practically racing against time to complete the project. He stated, "In the construction, Konya Alanya transfer road works, main body and downstream excavation works, downstream construction works, source and outlet discharge channels, filling works, and injection works have been completed. We have achieved a 98% completion rate in the main body filling works."

Balta emphasized the significant importance of the Afşar Reservoir, which will provide vital irrigation water to 4,770 hectares of land in the region. He stated, "Thanks to the reservoir, irrigation costs will decrease, and productivity will increase on 4,770 hectares of land that will be introduced to modern irrigation methods. With the transition to irrigated agriculture, our farmers will be able to grow different crops. When the work is completed at the Afşar Reservoir and irrigated agriculture is implemented in the region, it is aimed to contribute 57 million Turkish Lira annually to the country's economy based on 2023 unit prices."