Thursday, 18 July 2024
Konya’s Model Factory is ready for 2021

Konya’s Model Factory is ready for 2021

KTO Konya Model Factory, which started operating within the Konya Chamber of Commerce Technology and Education Campus (KCCTEC), continued its joint work with companies from Konya in 2020.

Konya Chamber of Commerce Competency and Digital Transformation Center, known as Model Factory, continues its activities within KCCTEC.
Konya Chambers of Commerce President, Selçuk Öztürk stated that “In Model Factory, which serves in Konya Chamber of Commerce Technology and Education Campus with a closed area of ​​1150 square meters, machines and equipments such as CNC Lathe, CNC Vertical Machining Center, Metal Saw, 3D Measuring Device can be compared easily with traditional and lean production techniques and also Pneumatic Cylinder production is made. In addition, assembly lines and Industry 4.0 applications where digital transformation elements are used more are carried out. Contributing to the development of an efficiency-oriented, waste-preventing awareness in production in Konya and our region, Model Factory aims to provide awareness-raising promotional trainings to 50 companies, to provide consultancy services to at least 24 companies within the scope of ‘Learn-Return’, and to provide efficiency-oriented, waste-reducing applied trainings to at least 60 companies included in the Model Factory curriculum in 2021. Thus, in 2021, KCC Konya Model Factory will be in more cooperation with our companies. I invite all companies that are preparing for digital transformation in line with today’s changing production understanding to benefit from the possibilities of our Model Factory.”

“Productivity will increase in SMEs”
Öztürk stated that “Model Factory, which carries out studies to minimize the deep productivity difference between SMEs and large-scale enterprises, aims to increase productivity in the economy by increasing the productivity in SMEs. Konya Model Factory is a project implemented under the leadership of Konya Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Konya Chamber of Industry and Konya Organized Industry Directorate. The main purpose of the KCC Konya Model Factory, established with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)is to increase the knowledge and skills of business employees in subjects such as Lean Manufacturing, Digital Transformation, Product Development and Energy Efficiency, to teach the participants practically everything necessary to make a factory more efficient in a real production environment and to support transformations in the field with the consultancy service it provides.”