Thursday, 18 July 2024
Konya's Target: The Australian Market

Konya's Target: The Australian Market

The Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) organized Australia Automotive Spare Parts Sectoral Trade Delegation event has been completed.

A total of 195 bilateral business meetings were conducted during the B2B (Business to Business) program, in which 18 companies from Konya participated.

Within the program's framework, companies from Konya visited Australian companies and established business connections. The KTO Delegation also met with Turkish Consuls General and Trade Attachés in Sydney and Melbourne. Ramazan Erkuş, a Member of the Board of Directors of the Konya Chamber of Commerce, stated, "We introduced our Konya automotive sub-industry sector in Australia, where we participated with our 18 companies."

As a result of the efforts, it was concluded that there is a potential market in the Australian Automotive Sub-Industry Sector that needs further exploration, and the country and city have not yet secured a sufficient share of this market. According to the research, the regions of Sydney and Melbourne, where import companies are predominantly located, stood out. It was deemed appropriate to prioritize organizing events in these regions. With the participation of 18 companies from Konya, business meetings and visits to companies and institutions were conducted in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

During the bilateral business meetings program held in Sydney, representatives from Konya firms held a total of 75 bilateral business meetings with 19 Australian companies.

KTO Board Member Ramazan Erkuş, who chaired the Australian Automotive Spare Parts Sector Trade Delegation organization, stated, "With the participation of our 18 companies, we introduced our Konya automotive sub-industry sector in Australia. As a result of a total of 195 bilateral business meetings and company visits held in Sydney and Melbourne, our participant companies received many pre-orders. In this regard, our companies were extremely satisfied with the organization. The organization was successfully completed. Participant companies are requesting the continuation of such events."