Saturday, 02 December 2023
MEVKA: 10 Reasons to invest in Konya

MEVKA: 10 Reasons to invest in Konya

Growing Exportation Capacity
• Exportation value grew up 25 times between 2000-2020
• 2,16 billion dollars of export in 2020
• Exporter firms more than 2.700
• Konya exports to more than 160 countries

Strong Industrial Infrastructure
• 11 organized industrial zones, 70 private industrial zones and small industrial sites
• The second largest organized industrial zone in Turkey
• More than 48.000 SMEs
• Easy adaptation to changes

Young and Qualified Human Capital
• 5 universities
• More than 130.000 university students
• More than 85.000 technical high school students
• Lower cost compared to rival provinces

Strategic Location
• Centre of Anatolia, ability to reach 10 million in 3 hours, 64 million in 6 hours by motorway
• Logistics centre near Organized Industrial Zone
• Easy access to 1,6 billion people globally

Incentives, Supports and Exemptions For Industrial Investments
• Tax exemption, land allocation, social security premium support, customs duty exemption

Rich Natural Resources
• Only primary aluminium producer in Turkey
• %65 of salt production in Turkey
• Developed casting industry

Agricultural, Industrial and Commerce Centre
• Vast lands eligible for agriculture
• Strongest exhibition centre of the region
• Leadership in crucial food products

Powerful Social Capital and Collaboration Environment
• Strong political support
• Cooperation between NGOs, public and
private institutions
• Active trade associations

Living City
• A historical background
• Low crime rate
• Dense and qualified cultural activities
• 3,6 million visitors each year

Energy City
• One of the most significant energy producing centre in Turkey with the establishment of the  Karapinar Specialized Energy Industrial Zone
• High solar radiation levels, plain wide areas
• Potential areas to establish wind power plants
• Biogas potential from agricultural wastes