Friday, 14 June 2024

"Our Goal Is To Increase Our Abroad Brand Awareness"

Mehmet Çeler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Derya Arms, states that "We're at Turkey's most capable weapons manufacturing ecosystem. We are ready to contribute to our domestic and national defense industry with our R&D, design skills and mass production power we have had for years. Derya Arms is one of the biggest in the world, with this ecosystem that started with a shotgun and later turned into the defense and aviation industry. 

In today's developing and evolving world, our talents and our biggest supporters, dreams, are developing and changing as much as we do. As Derya Arms, we have been developing continuously since 1998 on the path we entered with this mindset. We have justified proud of switching to a R&D, design and machine-centered production in our factory, which is established on a total area of 13 thousand m2 (139.9308ft2) in the Beyşehir Organized Industrial Zonefrom a workshop style and human labor- centered production in a tiny space in current structure in Üzümlü Town of Konya's Beyşehir district. In this way, we export our high çuality products with minimum cost not only to local consumers but also to global scale, and export 95 percent of our annual shotgun- based production to more than 50 countries.

ASELSAN is the leader and the most experienced institution in the defense sector in our country, and it is a company that continues to prove its strength in the global arena as well as being focused on national technological Solutions. As a requirement, it is also a school that contributes to the solution of the problems related to the ecosystem in which it is located and creates business models both in Turkey and abroad. As you have mentioned, with the ASELSAN Konya Weapon Systems facility approved by the Presidential Decree and started operating in Konya Technology İndustry Zone in December, via Konya Savunma Sanayii A.Ş. we established a partnership with 24 companies from Konya. Being able to establish a partnership with a company that has made it into the top 50 of the world and to be in a position to act in cooperation is a source of pride for Derya Arms in itself. We know that this type of partnership will add value to both us and our ecosystem.”

As Derya Arms, we are always ready for such collaborations

Derya Arms desire and prepare for tighter cooperations within the framework of domestic and national defense industry policy. The reason why Konya Region is preferred in the ASELSAN Konya project is that it produces very successful weapons locally and its infrastructure is strong. With this investment, Konya will become one of the base cities in our country's defense industry production. In addition, knowledge transfer will be provided by ASELSAN, which has high technology, and high value-added products will contribute to the strength of our country with this investment. Above all, with ASELSAN Konya Weapon Systems Inc. we will make a serious foreign sales from our region. 

On the other hand, the defense industry ecosystem of our region has the necessary infrastructure and capabilities not only in rifle production but also in other areas of the industry. As a company that works and wants to take part in the defense industry, we are trying to learn about general quality standards, especially design and production activities, and technical standards, to constantly improve ourselves and to continue our R&D studies. In addition, we come together with other companies in our ecosystem with a clustering approach and we strive to act cooperatively in defense industry projects combine our strength. We consider being in contact with SSB and with our main integrator companies very significant. We apply to systems such as YETEN and EYDEP and try to fulfill the requirements.

Çeler stated that “It should be noted that our products, produced by encouraging our suppliers via bringing together world-class raw materials, equipment and qualified workforce, are exported after the most stringent quality control tests in our company and they successfully pass ali kinds of quality and standardization tests of the countries they are sent to.”

Derya Arms, aiming to increase its total understanding of quality from its management to its employees, from its suppliers to its authorized dealerships, has adopted the principle of offering the best product to its customers with the best price policy. After-sales customer satisfaction and positive feedback motivate us even more, illuminating our path and broadening our horizons. With new models and product diversity, we participate regularly in all the fairs in the world, including International trade fairs in Germany and Turkey, which we see as an opportunity to access.

New markets increase our abroad brand awareness

Mehmet Çeler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Derya Arms says that, as brands, we have many trademark registration certificates issued to Derya Arms by our Turkish Patent Institute like MK-10, LION, MERIVA, NAPOLİ, CARINA, ANAKON. İn addition, our five utility model designs, which only belong to us, are currently in our production line. In addition, we have arms export license, facility security certificate, TSE certificates, domestic goods certificate, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 certificates obtained from ALCUMUS ISOQAR company. Our YETEN and EYDEP work with SSB continues. 

As Derya Arms, we are innovative and we have brought many innovations to the sector since the day we were founded. We have many trademark registration certificates. Being able to establish a partnership with a company like ASELSAN that has entered the top 50 of the world and to be in a position to act in cooperation is a source of pride for Derya Arms in itself. 

Derya Arms, trying to show an example of social responsibility, is trying to provide internship, scholarship and vocational education support to many students and to increase the quality of our vocational high schools, especially the Üzümlü Defense Industry Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.”