Thursday, 13 June 2024
Record-breaking sales in Konya

Record-breaking sales in Konya

The Konya Agriculture Fair, which revitalizes the economy of Konya, showcases a large number of products from tractors to agricultural machinery. The most popular among local and foreign visitors are the giant tractors.

A sales record was broken at the Konya Agriculture Fair. A Konya-based agricultural company purchased 60 tractors at the fair, which drew attention. The Konya Agriculture Fair continues with intense participation.

Hundreds of companies are participating in the agricultural fair in Konya. The fair, which attracts the interest of Konya farmers, is witnessing significant sales.

Even tractors with 400 horsepower are showcased at the fair. The tractor brands that citizens are most interested in are Deutz-Fahr, John Deere, and Tümosan.

One of the biggest sales ever made at the Konya Agriculture Fair has been recorded. On the first day of the fair, a single customer purchased 8 tractors.

The highest number of tractors ever sold in a single transaction at the Konya Agriculture Fair is 60, which has made history. Today, at the fair, an agricultural company bought 60 tractors.

It is known that a brand new large tractor costs around 5 million Turkish liras. Therefore, the sale in question amounts to around 300 million Turkish liras.

This sale has become one of the biggest sales of the fair.