Saturday, 02 December 2023
Shotgun Exports Between Konya and the USA Are Growing

Shotgun Exports Between Konya and the USA Are Growing

The Konya-based company is exporting pump-action shotguns to the United States, which have recently gained popularity.



A firearms company based in the Beyşehir district of Konya, which secured the patent for the world-renowned Tokarev brand, known as the first semi-automatic combat pistol produced by the Soviet Union during World War II, has started production and exporting of popular magazine-fed smoothbore shotguns to the United States in recent times.



Süleyman Alaboğa, the owner of TokarevArms located in Yeşilyurt Industrial Site in Beyşehir, emphasized that Tokarev is a wartime pistol produced during World War II, stating, "This is a very famous pistol; everyone in the world knows it. Currently, we have patented this brand, Tokarev US, in the United States. We are exporting our magazine-fed semi-automatic and bullpup smoothbore shotguns under the Tokarev brand to the United States."



Alaboğa mentioned that their monthly production capacity in the firearms factory is 5,000 units, and they have the capability to easily double this capacity. He stated, "We can comfortably increase our production to 10,000 units. Our machinery setup allows for it. However, we are currently limiting ourselves to this number as we aim to produce higher-quality products day by day. Rather than rushing to produce a larger quantity, we focus on maintaining this level of quality across all our products. Besides quality, we are also competitive in terms of pricing. Our American partners are satisfied with both our quality and pricing policies. We plan to introduce our new firearms products at exhibitions in Dubai, Istanbul, Germany, and the United States. Currently, as Tokarev, our annual export reaches approximately 7-8 million dollars. Additionally, we buy and sell products from other companies. Collectively, we contribute to the country's economy with an approximate value of 15 million dollars. We aim to increase employment and be beneficial to our people."