Friday, 08 December 2023
The Great Economy of Konya

The Great Economy of Konya

Konya, the capital of agriculture and animal husbandry in Turkey, has become one of the most important industrial cities whose economy is rising with the investments made and the great attack it has made, especially in the last 20 years.

The capital of agriculture and animal husbandry, known as "Turkey's Granary" for years, has added the title of "Industrial City" to this title with the breakthrough it has made in recent years. In Konya, which has become a net industrial city with an annual export of 3 billion dollars, the machinery and components sector comes first, the automotive industry comes second, and the ferrous and non-ferrous products sector comes in the third place. Konya is also among the leading provinces in the exports of many sectors Konya is Turkey's 4th largest exporter in the defense and aerospace industry, the 5th in the machinery and components industry, and the 8th largest exporter in the automotive industry. With the number of more than 3 thousand exporting companies, it ranks 6th in Turkey.


Konya Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) is the 3rd largest in Turkey with a size of 23 million square meters. Konya, where there are nearly 3 thousand exporting companies, exports to 180 countries. In Konya, which has an export value that has increased 35 times between 2000 and 2021, there are 11 organized industrial zones, 2 industrial zones, 1 special industrial zone, 94 special industrial zones and industrial sites, more than 50 thousand KOBİs.


When Karapınar GES, which will be the largest solar power plant in Europe and the 5th largest solar power plant in the world, is completed, the share of solar energy in electricity production in Turkey will increase to 20 percent. In the power plant, where the installed power has reached 628 megawatts, 812 thousand 303 megawatt hours of production is realized. The installed power of the power plant will be 1300 megawatts and 3.5 million solar panels will be used.