Wednesday, 24 July 2024
The Role of Konya in Export

The Role of Konya in Export

Konya, which has taken on the role of locomotive in Turkey's exports, also has a significant share in industrial product exports. Industrial companies are delivering their products from Konya, which holds an important position in global trade, to all corners of the world.


According to information obtained from the Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TİM) data, the foreign sales of Istanbul-based companies reached $9.425 billion last month, increasing by 4.1 percent compared to the same period of 2022. Following Istanbul was Kocaeli with $1.801 billion, Bursa with $1.509 billion, İzmir with $1.348 billion, Ankara with $1.087 billion, Gaziantep with $568.097 million, Sakarya with $478.526 million, Manisa with $401.346 million, Denizli with $363.014 million, and Konya with $243.561 million.


Last month, Istanbul exported $1.671 billion worth of chemicals and chemical products, $1.428 billion worth of ready-made garments and apparel, $773.916 million worth of automotive industry products, $757.983 million worth of electrical and electronic products, $670.346 million worth of steel sector products, $648.394 million worth of jewelry sector products, $639.277 million worth of iron and non-ferrous metals, $394.214 million worth of textiles and raw materials, $339.104 million worth of machinery and parts, $260.421 million worth of HVAC products, $233.713 million worth of cement, glass, ceramics, and earthenware products, $139.784 million worth of leather and leather products, $94.543 million worth of ships, yachts and services, $65.847 million worth of carpet sector products, and $11.066 million worth of other industrial products.

Istanbul made the most foreign sales to Germany. Last month, foreign sales were made from Istanbul to 213 destinations around the world. When we look at the countries where Istanbul achieved the most exports, Germany and Italy ranked at the top. Istanbul made the most foreign sales of $754.835 million to Germany. Italy followed with $493.111 million, the United States with $468.329 million, the Russian Federation with $467.716 million, and the United Kingdom with $412.108 million.