Thursday, 18 July 2024
To Stop the Dependence on Foreign Sources on Meat

To Stop the Dependence on Foreign Sources on Meat

Can Kılıç, CEO of Yılet, underlines that we can carry out various projects in order to stop the dependence on foreign sources on meat. He states that “We have various projects  which will satisfy the producer and the society and will stop the dependence on foreign sources on meat. 
Kılıç stated that “As a country, if a solution-oriented, meat animal breeding project is implemented, we can eliminate foreign dependency on meat in the years ahead. In this regard, the joint production and livestock protocol to be made by the Ministry to livestock enterprises with a capacity of 5 thousand and 10 thousand in 81 cities across the country may also eliminate foreign dependency.”
Can Kılıç, the CEO of Yılet, said that “The important thing in this process is to make structural change and transformation in the right place and at the right time. The world changes at an overwhelming speed. In order to keep up with this speed, it is necessary to increase the cooperation of the agricultural sector with the industrial sector. The demand of our people for red meat is constantly increasing with the increase in the income level and the change in eating habits. It is very important for sector representatives to act with common mind in order to meet this increasing demand in a sustainable way.”

AN Important Center “Konya”
Kılıç pointed out that “Konya takes the first place with a number of 800.000 cattle and the second with 2,5 millions of ovine. With this potential, Konya is one of the centers where manufacturer-industry-university cooperation is best implemented. Red-meat production of the country is 1.300 million tones and Konya meets the 6 percent of this demand. He uttered that this sector would continue to grow.”