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Bosna-Hersek Neighborhood

Bosna-Hersek Neighborhood

                                                                                                        Melisa YILDIRIM/ Editor

Bosna-Hersek Neighborhood is the largest neighborhood of Konya. It is a large neighborhood with a population of about 130 thousand and has all kinds of facilities. Due to its proximity to Selçuk University, the student population is high. By staying in the surrounding houses and dormitories, students experience ease of transportation and can benefit from social activities in Bosna. Bosna- Hersek Neighborhood is a very large neighborhood where cafes, shops and parks are located. After class, there are all kinds of activities and places where students meet for coffee and spend time in parks, cinemas and game halls.

Trams are generally preferred to reach Bosna-Hersek. When you get off the tram and walk through the overpass into Bosna, you look down the Bosna. Bosna, which is illuminated by the space lights, especially in the evenings, also looks magnificent with chirping sounds. As we descend from the overpass and walk into Bosnia, respectively; on your left you can see one of the most frequented places. Kıvılcım Avenue has more than one option to eat and drink coffee in it. When we look right across the street, you see Konya Forum Mall. There are also various cafes, restaurants, game rooms and hair salons here. When you walk down a little further, you will see markets, banks, parks, libraries, basketball and football fields, pharmacies, dormitories, houses and mosques. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that it is a small student city where a student can handle all his work without having to move away from home and school.

Selcuk University, which is a well-established university, also has many opportunities in itself. Located within its large campus, the Gökkuşağı Shopping Mall has options where students can eat and spend time during lunch breaks. In addition, Selcuk University is one of the universities with Erasmus House. It hosts thousands of students every year and offers thousands of students the opportunity to study abroad. Selcuk University students, who make friends with foreign students and improve their language skills, can have a pleasant time during their education.

Finally, I would like to say that Konya is a very suitable city for student life and Konya has 4 different universities. In addition, thanks to its geographical location, students can easily travel to cities such as Eskişehir, Isparta, Antalya, Mersin and Ankara, which are near Konya, thanks to the High Speed Train.