Thursday, 18 July 2024
Address of Trust in Healthcare: Konya City Hospital

Address of Trust in Healthcare: Konya City Hospital

"Konya City Hospital 2022 Evaluation Meeting Held with Prof. Dr. Mehmet Koç as Chairman"

The Konya City Hospital 2022 evaluation meeting was held with Prof. Dr. Mehmet Koç, the Director of Health in the city, as chairman. The meeting, which was attended by all hospital administrators, clinical directors, faculty members and specialist doctors, discussed the health services provided by the city hospital and proposed solutions for any problems identified with the help of statistical data.

The balance between income and expenses has been achieved:

Prof. Dr. Koç stated that Konya City Hospital has gained the trust and appreciation of the public with its high-level service quality, and said, "Our statistical data clearly shows that there has been a significant increase in the variety and quality of health services offered in our hospital. We dreamed, set our goal, worked hard and succeeded. We are among the hospitals with the best income-expense balance among all city hospitals. Hopefully, we will continue these achievements in 2023 and together take our hospital to even higher levels."

Health services were provided to 2 million 262 thousand patients in 2022:

Konya City Hospital, which has been providing quality health services to citizens in Konya and surrounding provinces since its opening, provided medical treatment to a total of 2 million 262 thousand patients, including 549 thousand 468 in the emergency room, in 2022. Prof. Dr. Koç emphasized that with a capacity of 1,250 beds, the hospital has 4,702 employees, including approximately 450 doctors, 296 assistants, more than 1,500 midwives and nurses, and stressed that in the same period, a total of 76,806 surgeries were performed, including 34,074 specialized surgeries.

"8,881 Births Occurred"

Prof. Dr. Koç also reminded that Konya City Hospital has been awarded the "Friendly Hospital for Mothers" certificate after inspections and controls conducted by expert teams from the Ministry of Health. He emphasized the significant contributions of the "midwife-pregnant school" project, which started in Konya as a pilot city, in the acquisition of the "Friendly Hospital for Mothers" certificate. Stating that there is a significant satisfaction rate and that pregnant women have access to quality birth services as a result of the efforts made, Prof. Dr. Koç said that 8,881 babies opened their eyes to life in the hospital in 2022.